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SAANSA - Drafted Dossiers by Fourth Lane

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

written and published by Nitya Baid

It is always fascinating to start a brand that we are passionate about. Only the product/service offerings are insufficient to start a business. The first and one of the most crucial processes in setting up a business is establishing its identity. People often remember the experience, the colors, look and feel before your brand name.

Branding is a long and structured process, which can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months to come together! It took me weeks to bring this brand to life. It involves processes like visual identity development, building the color palette, choosing the right fonts, and setting the style for the icons, packaging, and other brand assets. All of these are brought together in a cohesive document - brand identity guidelines.

As a creative studio, Fourth Lane believes that a smaller budget should not stop you from investing in the branding that fits right for your brand. This brings us to Drafted Dossiers - where we craft identities for business owners who are ready to launch but don't have the branding in place.


Drafted Dossiers includes a range of thoughtfully crafted semi-customizable branding kits targeted toward specific industries. These branding kits are easy to use, cover the crucial aspects of branding, and are budget-friendly.

Our first kit, 'SAANSA' reflects a brand dealing in home decor products or helping you curate handcrafted pieces to build the home of your choice. Saansa- the branding kit is the best match for brands that believe in striking a balance between sincerity and playfulness, adding colors in sync with what consumers want! With a beautiful balance of flair and script fonts paired with serifs - the offerings are lucid through the visual identity itself. The brand colors are timeless, for earthy and neutral tones never go out of trend.

The best part is yet to come...

To prevent making the identities look repeated, we have limited the orders for each kit. This ensures the uniqueness and relevance your brand deserves.

You can head over to to browse the different kits we have. The deliverables for each kit have been mentioned on the website. We are working on adding new kits regularly.

If you are interested but feel that the industry you belong to has not been covered yet, please write to us at, and we'll get back to you with how we can take this forward!

For any feedback/queries, please reach us via e-mail or Instagram, and we'll be happy to hear from you!

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