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written and published by Nitya Baid

While bringing our passion projects to life, we can overlook the time involved with a fully customized and elaborate brand identity. It is difficult to create a recall without a well-established identity. While branding goes hand-in-hand with the conceptualization process, we can understand how important 'the right time ' is to you.

What starts with visual boards, mind maps, iterations to selected style(s), and at last, finalizing the logo - can take over a couple of weeks to a couple of months! Developing a brand identity is a one-time investment that yields results for years. Everything that is important and goes into building the branding system is explained carefully with the help of a Brand Guidelines Document.

As a creative studio, Fourth Lane believes that a smaller budget should not hold you back from investing in the branding that fits right for your brand. This brings us to Drafted Dossiers - where we craft identities for business owners who are ready to launch but don't have the branding in place.

Drafted Dossiers includes a range of thoughtfully crafted semi-customizable branding kits targeted toward specific industries. These branding kits are easy to use, cover the crucial aspects of branding, and are budget-friendly.

Think of a person full of poise, beaming elegance, and the most stylish appearance. That is how we describe our kit 'RECENTREE' as a person. With clean lines, balanced hues, and commendable visual balance, this brand reminds us of a photographer perfecting the rule of thirds or a space stylist preparing for their store launch.

With the movement in the background of the imagery, the logo is such that it compliments it all. The brand symbol can be used for social media or watermarks. The brand pattern can be extended to brand assets or for packaging design!

The best part is yet to come...

To prevent making the identities look repeated, we have limited the orders for each kit. This ensures the uniqueness and relevance your brand deserves.

You can head over to to browse the different kits we have. The deliverables for each kit have been mentioned. We are working on adding new kits regularly.

If you are interested but feel that the industry you belong to has not been covered yet, please write to us at, and we'll get back to you with how we can take this forward!

For any feedback/queries, please reach us via e-mail or Instagram, and we'll be happy to hear from you!

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