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Design Simplification: A Not So Simple Process

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

written and published by Nitya Baid

Sometimes, we believe that Good Design needs to be complex or have a lot of detailing. We associate a luxury brand or a high-budgeted project with intricate designs and intensive detailing. However, it is not necessarily true in all cases.

Here are a few ways through which we can convey meaningful messages and stories through simple yet unique designs. 1. Ask the right questions There are never too many questions to ask! Instead, the fewer the questions are, the more unclear we are about what purpose we are trying to serve. We want to ask not only what the brand is about, but why. Understanding the why gives us - the designer, an understanding of the core needs and opens up the creative design space.

2. Understanding the purpose of brand assets is necessary

The brand might have a great story and might want to show their product in their logo or get 3-4 different elements into the logo. That is where we defeat the purpose of simplification. A logo needs to be in sync with the brand principles and the brand values. The focus of the logo should not be to tell what the product is. In the same way, each part of the brand’s identity should maintain consistency.

3. Less is more

The best way to make your brand easily recognisable and to create an emotional connection with the customers is by developing a well-formed brand identity coupled with a brand strategy relevant to the industry and market trends. The easiest way to accomplish this is through consistent identity development. Extending the logo to brand assets such as brand patterns, packaging, websites and following similar styles for iconography and typography is a safe way to attain consistency.

Do you think simple designs are more effective? What ways do you use to achieve simplicity?

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