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BIBELOT - Drafted Dossiers by Fourth Lane

written and published by Nitya Baid

If you are a regular reader and visitor at Fourth Lane, you would already know about 'Drafted Dossiers. However, if it is your first interaction, let me introduce you to this.

Drafted Dossiers includes a range of thoughtfully crafted semi-customizable branding kits targeted toward specific industries. These branding kits are easy to use, cover the crucial aspects of branding, and are budget-friendly.

Now, you must be wondering why. Well, as a creative studio, Fourth Lane believes that a smaller budget should not hold you back from investing in the branding that fits right for your brand. This brings us to Drafted Dossiers - where we craft identities for business owners who are ready to launch but don't have the branding in place.

As a design studio, we always try to emphasize and explain why branding is a necessity - no matter the size or nature of your business. Imagine a situation where you've started your business without a brand name or logo. How will people remember or recognize you? If they were to talk about your product/service in front of their friends and family - how will they introduce your brand? Your jewelry business is already competing with thousands of other similar brands spread across the globe. But no branding will hinder your growth massively.

We take this opportunity to introduce you to 'BIBELOT' - our branding kit aimed toward boutique owners, jewelry brands, or luxury product brands to start with.

Bibelot is an affordable luxury brand.

'Bibelot' - a French word, is a small, decorative ornament or trinket.

As can be guessed, Bibelot is for a fine jewelry brand or boutique. The colors are in a complementary scheme.

With a classy look, a modern touch & a hint of luxe lifestyle, Bibelot targets customers who keep up with the trends but know what's best for them. The color scheme stands out from conventional luxury brand colors.

The best part is yet to come...

To prevent making the identities look repeated, we have limited the orders for each kit. This ensures the uniqueness and relevance your brand deserves.

You can head over to to browse the different kits we have. The deliverables for each kit have been mentioned. We are working on adding new kits regularly.

If you are interested but feel that the industry you belong to has not been covered yet, please write to us at, and we'll get back to you with how we can take this forward!

For any feedback/queries, please reach us via e-mail or Instagram, and we'll be happy to hear from you!

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