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              why do I need an entire branding package and not just a logo?             

While logo is a mark which educates us about your brand name, branding gives you a holistic development of every aspect that your consumer will come in contact with, along with investors, employees and anyone associated with the brand.

We're sure you would want the consistency to be maintained and branding is what is we recommend.

              what if some of  the deliverables that you offer do not add value to our business?             

Each project that we work on is tailored as per the industry and brand purpose. We create a customised package as per your brand requirements. If a particular deliverable does not add value to your business, we can change it with something more relevant and create different brand assets.

              what is a Brand Guidelines document ? I don't think it is necessary for my brand.             

To put it in simple terms, a detailed document which spells out the a-z about your brand is what we call Brand Guidelines. A brand guideline explains how the brand will be showcased - online and offline as well. It gives a clear picture of what the brand does, who they cater to, what they stand for along with technical details. In the long run it even helps in marketing, maintaining the brand image and increases brand recognition.

So, you can either spend your time explaining about your brand or have a document ready to share whenever needed.
(Just saying, we'd choose option 1!)

              can you do it right now?             

It is sometimes possible for us to do rush orders for an additional fee. Send us a message as soon as possible and we will get back to you to let you know if we have space in our schedule for a rush order. 

              should I really invest in branding AND packaging?             

Packaging not just protects your product or makes it look aesthetic but it also increases brand presence. A thoughtfully crafted packaging makes your product stand out in the crowd, makes the consumer look at it and even want to purchase it.

Packaging is an extension of your brand identity and an essential part of your brand strategy.

              how do I pay for the project?             

Fourth Lane's standard practice involves a non-refundable 50% payment at the commencement of every project. The remaining 50% is paid on project completion. You receive invoices for both.
For a few elaborate projects, we work with multiple payment milestones.

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